Dick: straight talk

Why on earth would two women be writing a book about the penis? The answer is quite simple. Viagra in Canada We are both doctors working in the field of women’s health, with more than 50 years’ experience between us. Every day, we have conversations with women about their most intimate problems, their anatomy and its functioning, and their relationships with their partners. Often we talk with those partners too. And, despite the fact that sex is now quite freely discussed, and that since the 1960s women’s sexuality has been liberated from the fear of unwanted pregnancy, we have been impressed by how often both women and men lack basic information about their bodies — about their own anatomy and how it functions. Misinformation abounds and there is certainly a dearth of good information about that most friendly male appendage, the penis – viagra online in Canada.

The main thrust (ahem) of our argument is that, for most people, sex is inextricably linked with a penis — yet there is no accompanying guide book. The only source for needed information may be the media, and the information imparted — dare we say, inseminated? — may be inappropriate or even erroneous. Our correction of this lack of accurate information is not intended to be in any way disrespectful or salacious, but rather informative, fun and titillating. Whether in marriage or in long- or short-term relationships, everyone has a need to know about the possible difficulties they or their partners may experience with the penis, so that they can be sensitive to their partners’ needs, protect themselves from possible disease and know when they or their partners need professional help.

Quite understandably, men are very fond of their penises, for which they have many slang names — including treasures (‘the family jewels’), military metaphors (bayonets and swords), terms of formal address (‘Captain!’), endearments (‘old chap’) and nicknames (Willie, Percy and Old Harry). And of course we mustn’t forget Dick, which we rather like, and which you’ll find popping up throughout our text – canadian viagra. However, many men are curiously reluctant to openly discuss their penises in an informational way, although they may be very quick with jokes. (Heard about the shipment of Viagra that went missing at the city docks? The police are looking for a band of hardened criminals . . . OK, we’ll stop right there, but you see what we mean.) Little boys (and girls) quickly learn slang names — dicky bird, teddy bear, worm, dewdrop — for the penis, although they know the correct words for all the other parts of the body, and they soon get the idea that talking about ‘that’ just isn’t ‘nice’.

And after recently attending a showing of the paintings of Alice Neel, who has depicted several anatomically correct full-frontal nudes of men, as well as many other subjects, we found the men in our group were actually more impacted by the male nudes than were the women! (But then, wasn’t it men who put all those fig leaves on statues?)

So this book has been written for everyone with an interest in the penis, from teenagers to nonagenarians . . .